Fenerbahçe SK was banned from European matches for 2 years from 2013 to 2015 by UEFA out of its match-fixing crimes committed in Turkish Super League of 2010-2011.
Below is a part of the UEFA Disciplinary Body’s ban decision and UEFA Appeal Body’s ratification of the ban decision:

The quoted pages read as follows:

DK1264 NYON 2
TELEPHONE: +41 348 39 27 27
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Date: 25/06/2013
To: Fenerbahçe SK
This message contains 13 pages Jjnduding cover page) Dear Sirs.
Please find attached the decision passed by the Control and Disciplinary Body in its meeting held on 22 June 2013^^_
We would appreciate your taking due note o( this decision and ensuring its implementation.
Sent by fax or email
Fenerbahçe SK
Bağdat Str. Fenerbahçe Şükrü
Stadyumu Kıaltoprak 34724 KADIKÖY Turkey
Control and Disciplinary Body
Decision of 22 June 2013
Union of European Football Association* OJEF« (Claimant)
Fenerbahçe SK (Respondent)
Chairman: Thomas Parti (AUT)
Vice-Chairmen:        Jacques Antenen (SUI) Sandor 8erzi (HUN)
Gençlerbirlifli vs.   Fenerbahçe played on 7 March 2011
The Appeals Body is satisfied that the Executive Committee member of Fenerbahçe SK Mr Eksiogiu had played a direct role in fixing the match Gençlerbirligi vs. Fenerbahçe played on 7 March 2011 of the 2010/2011 Turkish Super Lig. Numerous evidentiary elements support this conclusion, notably those contained in the Police Digest, the Ethics committee report, the decision of the TFF disciplinary bodies and the decision of the 16lh High criminal court.
Fenerbahçe va.  IBB Spor played on 1 May 2011
In view of all the elements of the case file and having examined the Police digest and the 16*n High criminal court decision, ‘.he Appeals Body is satisfied that the President of Fenerbahçe SK, Mr Yıldırım, concluded match fixing activities in regard to the match Fenerbahçe vs. IBB Spor, played on 1 May 2011.
Karabükapor va. Fenerbahçe played on 8 May 2011
In the Appeals Body’s opinion, based on the information contained in several documents, such as the Police Digest and the 16,h High criminal court decision, it is established that match fixing activities were conducted b.y representatives of the Club, i.e. Mr Yıldırım and Mr ^kşioglu, regarding the match Karabükspor v*. Fenerbahçe played on 8 May 2011.
Fenerbahçe va. Ankaragügü played on 15 May 2011
After examination all the elements of the case file, the Appeals Body is satisfied that there was an attempt to fix the match between Fenerbahçe and AnkaragUgQ played on 15 May 2011 of the 2010/2011 Turkish Super Lig. Consequently, the Appeals Body believes that the President of Fenerbahçe SK, Mr Yıldırım, a Fenerbahçe SK Executive Committee member Mr Ekşio^lu, Fenerbahçe SK Vice President Mr MosturoÇlu and Youth Division Director Mr Turhan, took an active part in these match-fixing activities.   The  evidence  submitted   provided   support   to
Session of 10 July 2013
Pedro Tomas,   Spain
Vice-Chairmen   Michael Maessan,   Netherlands Gootz Eilera,  Germany
the case
ed by Deniz Tolga Aytöre,  Attorney at  Law,   Abdullah orney at Law, Abdurrahim Erol, Attorney at Law, Ayhan Attorney at Law,  Andreas Zagklis,  Attorney at Kcidcl,   Attorney at   Law and Stephen Bock,   Atl
it Law,
represented by Miguel Lietard Fernândez-Palacios
Disciplinary Inspector,
the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body’s decision of 22 June 2013 regarding the violation of the principles of conduct (Art.   5 DR – Ed.  2008)

Fenerbahçe referred the decision to CAS. However, CAS also approved UEFA’s decision. Click here for full decision of CAS on Fenerbahce’s Ban.

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