Fenerbahce’s match-fixing scandal is not a conspiracy. It is far from being a political issue. Fenerbahce is, by far, the richest club in Turkey and takes refuge to patriotism just like any pathetic scoundrel.

Before 2011, there was no particular law for match-fixing in Turkey. In some cases it was classified as a type of qualified fraud in football. However, there was no actual procedure or investigation as conducted under Turkish law against match-fixing, which entered into force in 2011.

Fenerbahce is the first and by far the leading club, whose officials were charged of and cnvicted for match-fixing. Nobody, including Fenerbahce officials themselves, can deny the telephone conversations or other evidence of the match-fixing. It is barely alleged that the timing of the law was a conspiracy against Fenerbahce. In FSK coach Aykut Kocaman’s words “The speed limit was violated in Turkish football, but the RADAR detected us in particular!”(

At the beginning, the underground propaganda was saying Aziz Yıldırım, the president of FSK, participated in a Northern Iraqi helicopter tender in spite of the will of Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey by then.

However this ‘pulp fiction’ propaganda was soon, in a few weeks, replaced by a more improved one: a religious community, with antisecular agenda, was trying to take control of Fenerbahce club, supposedly the last surviving front of secularism in Turkey. There are much more tales that can be quoted. For example pro-Fenerbahce media even alleged that Miguel Lietard Fernandez-Palacios, the Spanish discipline inspector of UEFA, was trained in schools of this antisecular Islamic community (

Let’s leave aside the numerous conspiracy theories and come to facts.

Fact 1- Turkish law against match-fixing was drafted by Fenerbahçe officials themselves

As the most powerful club in Turkey, FSK had a strong say in drafting of the law. FSK lawyer and director Şekip Mosturoğlu, in a TV news show, said “We demand heavy penalties for football officials in the coming match-fixing law”. Under that law, he was convicted guilty of match fixing, but his sanction was decreased vastly thanks to a subsequent parliementary action that lightened the penalties to save FSK officials.

In those days, no other club’s official had such a strong say or influence in mdrafting of the law. There is no such media or parliementary record.

Fact 2- After The Law, 50 Fenerbahce Officials Used 400 Different Phone Lines

In the court file, it is evidenced that 50 FSK officials, having strong knowledge of and reliance to the new match-fixing law, used 400 different telephone lines in case of any tracking by the police. (

FSK president Aziz Yıldırım alone, is detected to have used 13 different phone lines during the investigation.

Why would a club lobby for heavy sanctions against match-fixing (and assure its competitors comply fully with the rules) and then use, for its own communication, 400 different telephone lines, which include the conversations that prove the match-fixing according to Turkish heavy penal court, Turkish appelate court, UEFA disciplinary committee, UEFA appeals committee and CAS tribunal.

Fact 3- Fenerbahce (or any other Turkish club) does not represent any political mainstream ideology. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the most remarkable conservative leader ever in history of Turkey, is also one of the greatest fans of Fenerbahce. (

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