We are glad to hear that finally UEFA finished the investigation on match fixing case in Turkiye and now, in a week or two, the biggest match-fixing scandal in Turkish football history is coming to an end, hopefully with a fair decision.

So, despite the gossips that are still pushed out on purpose telling there won’t be any fines coming for those people and clubs involved in the whole match-fixing investigation period, we still believe in justice and therefore we believe and accept the justice of UEFA and its principles; such as the zero tolerance.

Unlike what the Turkish football federation (TFF) did, despite the court and disciplinary committee decisions in Turkiye; we want to believe that UEFA disciplinary committee will not show any tolerance to those match-fixers who created a whole mess in Turkiye that would take long time to recover.

So, in the name of those Trabzonspor fans here; writing in this website; who call ourselves as the “dikoyna team”; (which means the team always playing it straight) we really would like to wish UEFA disciplinary committee’s people good luck with their decisions and wish them some courage, in case some people might try to threaten them.

May the justice be with UEFA and their decisions, in the name of clean football and fair-play.

The Dikoyna Team

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